Your questions answered…

Q. I’m new to this, can I practice the steps first?

A. Yes, you can!  Go to the ‘Dance Moves’ page, the more challenging steps are there.  But don’t be precious about the steps, if there’s anything you can’t do, make it up, as long as you’re moving, it’s all good.

Q. I am really unfit, will this work for me?

A. Everyone has to start somewhere!  Do what you can and your fitness will grow.

Q. What if I can’t make the livestream sessions?

A. Don’t worry, you can get them on demand.  There are always four workout sessions to choose from, they change every week to keep you on your toes ;0)

Q. What if I can’t do the whole hour?

A. Don’t worry, there are 20, 30 and 40 minute bitesize sessions too.

Q. What if I want to cancel, or pause if I want to take a break?

A. You can.  Just click on the ‘Account’ button, both options are there.