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If I sign up with PayPal, will it debit my account for eternity and be impossible to cancel?2022-07-18T14:16:37+00:00

By signing up, you get your first week free, then on day 8 PayPal will debit you £4 for the following week and so on each week until you cancel it, you can cancel it by going into your PayPal account at any time, it’s as easy as that!

What if it’s just not for me after the free week?2022-07-18T14:15:59+00:00

By getting your first week free, you can see how much or little you’re going to get out of it, it’s a trial week so you can see if it’ll work for you, you can cancel it after that if you like.

I am really unfit but I love the look of your class, what if I can’t keep up?2022-07-18T14:15:27+00:00

Everyone has to start somewhere, the more you do it, the more you’ll pick it up, go at your own pace and your fitness will soon improve, if there are any steps you can’t do, make them up, as long as you’re moving, I’m happy.

What if I can’t make Wednesday nights at 7.30pm?2022-07-18T14:14:56+00:00

Don’t worry! As much as I’d love you to be there with me and the girls, I know this won’t fit in with everyone’s schedule. The same workout will be available to use in the members area as many times as you like, whenever you like.

Can I practice the steps beforehand?2022-07-18T14:14:08+00:00

Yes, there are tutorials in the members area where I’m showing the steps individually without the music.

Can I get this on my TV screen?2022-07-18T14:08:49+00:00

Yes you can, just plug in your laptop or your phone into your TV, it will know that an external device has been plugged in, you will need to change the channel to view that device.

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