I’m 53, I’ve been going through the peri-menopause and now the full on menopause for the last 10 years. When I compared my symptoms with those of my friends, it felt like I was getting away with something! Their brain fog kicked in way before mine,

I don’t have night sweats and my sleep, for the most part, was/is fine.

I could only put it down to the exercise that I was doing and the level I was doing it at. I was also keeping myself happy, working with music is pure joy!

The menopause, for a lot of us girls, will be an emotionally challenging time, not only for us, but those closest to us as well. My answer to all problems is ‘put your music on and have a dance’.

Most people’s response is ‘yeah, well you would say that!’

Absolutely YES I WOULD!

It has been scientifically proven that dance is the best form of exercise, for a start, it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising!!

And it’s FUN!

Quite simply, if we are not enjoying something, we won’t stick with it.

Dancing, whether it be ballet, tango, ballroom, line, waltz, salsa or disco, can be a great way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and it has a wide range of physical and mental benefits too including:

Boosting memory

Improving flexibility

Reducing stress

Diminishing depression

Helping your heart

Losing weight

Improving your balance

Increasing your energy

Boosting confidence

Releasing the natural feel good drug in your brain – Dopamine

For us menopausal girls, we are experiencing declining oestrogen levels and our moods are directly linked.

We also tend to put on weight which decreases our self-image and lowers our self-esteem.

It’s enough to drive us to drink!!!

Dancing at the level we do in class will get you to reach that natural high where dopamine gets

released in the brain, it’s the building blocks to making us feel not only normal, but happy too.

Dancing keeps us young at heart, everyone’s got a smile on their face in class,

something I don’t see with runners, all that pounding on the joints can’t be much fun.

Make the most of your free week trial and get your PE kit on as much as you can.

The first few weeks might be a challenge because it’s all new to you, but after that, you will be flying and best of all, you’ll be seeing proper RESULTS, not only in your physical health but your mental health too.

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