Beautiful messages from my beautiful onliners!

#sweatingribbons after catching up
on lastnights live.
And the warm up tune and the vintage
house tune took me back to a happy
place in my life.
Now back to my online training.
This was a welcomed break.
And your class were on point again.
I love seeing their rhythm xxxx
Bobby LawlerBobby Lawler
Hi Max, Hello from Sweaty me!!
I look a bit wild eyed and crazy lol 
but that’s a knackered me trying to 
smile and look happy lol!
Totally love your classes and since 
I joined 3 weeks ago I can now do the 
whole class all the way through … 
with the odd toned down bit in between haha
Fiona xx
Fiona WatkinsFiona Watkins
Loved last night Max The vibe was electric. 
And today i got to wear my new SIZE 8 denim jacket.
So from size 14 to an 8…amazing. 
And I often had to buy s16 due to my huge upper arms!
So to get my arm in a 8 is wow!!! 
So for those asking if we can do arm workouts… We do!
And i will add a before of my arms pic. 
Just had to share this achievement.
Yes i workout 5 days a week maxicise but lastnights class 
reminded me of why… 
Because your bloody amazing 
and your workouts are the new night out for me xxxxx 
#musicismymedicine #oldskoolraverbaby #workitbaby 
Bobby's Arms
Good Morning max just done last nights
workout oh my gosh!! You do keep me
going what with long covid and I have
one of symptoms diagnosed with hiatus
Heavy D and the Boyz followed by 
Paloma and my most favourite routine 
I think it’s a year now since I found 
you and you have honestly changed my
life, I used to hate exercise.
I've still got to sort out eating but 
my heart rate is good and I try and do
a session every morning so it sets me up
for the day
Thank you so much – big hugs xxx
Helena Baxter
OMG – thank you. Best session ever!!
Maxine – you are amazing and inspirational.
Banging tunes again.
Very sweaty selfie with Bruno the dog.
Love you and Wednesdays!
Kind regards
Catherine-Monella-2 1Catherine Monella
Hi Max- Needed to send you these!
On a Sunday my son, Buddy, aged 4,
makes me go back to your YouTube
ones and play the one with your husband
as then he joins in!
You really are a tonic!
Bloody love your classes!
Clare BishopClare Bishop
I just wanted to write to say how you always 
brighten up my mornings with your Saturday 
You Tube session. I love that fact that it’s 
from your home, your curtains always make me 
feel cheery! And the fact that you change 
the music regularly is fantastic, that 
actually makes me want join in and not miss out.
I also do the bitesize sessions on your 
website, as a single working mum of two I 
struggle to fit in the full hour but I 
manage it sometimes!
I had a couple of ideas for the fast part
of the workout – Wilkinson, Aflterglow.
And Florence and the Machine Spectrum.
Both tunes always make me dance around like a loony!
Anyway, thanks for all your efforts to
bring fun workouts to the masses during lockdown, 
I can see how much hard work you put in – 
it’s appreciated!
Tracy JonesTracy Jones
Great Set tonight Maxine.
A sweaty selfie… I love my
workouts with you. 
I’ve not done exercise 
for years and I love 
working out with you.
You’re bloody Ace.
Lorraine x
Lorraine Goodman
3years ago Maxicise started in Loughton,
Essex and I can honestly say I haven’t 
looked back and always long for more!
I Started classes once a week, 
then twice a week, the classes & 
Maxine are infectious, the vibe, 
the banter, everyone is super friendly 
and the best bit is having fun and a 
good ole dance not realising a workout 
burning calories!
(We won’t talk about the sweat .. jeez!!) 
all genre of music which pumps hard and loud!
Throughout Covid-19 lockdown thank god for
MaxiciseTV! Max has kept me sane ..
mentally emotionally and physically,
an escapism from the restrictions..
working out 3x a week, dancing myself happy!

I Love the house of fun!
Love Maxicise and Maxine Jones, who herself,
loves what she does and each and everyone
of her “dolly rockers!” With a passion

Diana McCleave

Liz’s story from the good old days before lockdown.

Great class on Wednesday, always enjoy even if I feel tired or had a bad day at work.
Just thought I would tell you my story. The photo attached on the left shows me in Mexico in February 2016. The one on the right was taken in the same place in November 2017.
I was 21st 1lb. I couldn’t walk and talk at the time. I started by swimming as it was all I could do. After I lost around 4st I started exercise properly with Zumba and I started your class last year. My fit bit tells me I get into peak cardio zones in your class without fail. I burn 500-600 calories. I have now lost 7st. My resting heart rate now is around 60bpm, it used to be 100-110bpm. I now do five different classes a week, based around dance aerobics and Zumba.
For me, the key to regular exercise is finding something you don’t hate. You don’t even have to love every second, but just not hate it or you will never go regularly. And regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.
Thank you for keeping me motivated and giving me a hell of a work out every week.
See you next Wednesday!


I have been exercising with Maxine for years.  I started with the DVD’s and now do the online classes and it’s the only exercise I actually enjoy!  All the others I can make excuses not to do but this is fun & for the first time since before my children were born, I can tuck tops into my jeans thanks to the waistline workouts!

Sue Walter

Danny Turnbull is with Maxine Jones.
May 26 at 10:12 PM ·
Multitasking at its best, watching united whilst working out then watching united with a beer in hottub….💪🏾🥵🍻🤪🥰 #dowhatmakesyouhappy #dowhatyoulove #doyouknowihaveahottub #multitasking

Danny NikkiDanny & Nikki Turnbull

Tonight’s sweaty pic.
Thanks Maxine,really enjoyed that and soooo wish I could join you live…that’d be a blast! 💥
One day,while my son’s still living in Bow,I’ll have to travel down, stay over and sleep at his student house….I’m prepared to do that 😳😂😂😂


Hi Maxine, Here’s my selfie for this week.

I absolutely loved the playlist last night especially the latino tune. It took me back to many years ago when my sister got married in the carribean and we did a merengue dance class round the pool lol!
I was dreaming of pina coladas when doing your moves to that tune.

It also reminded me of my clubbing days. I was always the one in my crowd that would go off to find the funky house room and leave everyone else dancing to the more hardcore trance tunes. Didn’t matter what club we were in I’d just disappear lol!

Lesley KavanaghLesley Kavanagh

4th workout this week. Loved Wednesdays so much!!! Feeling like i am caught up again. And no Covid Arm will stop me!!! Xxxx #oldskoolraverbaby #musicismymedicine#sweatyselfie #sweatymess#danceyourselfhappy

Bobby LawlerBobby
Been joining you via the weekly upload sessions 2/3 times a week for a year now. It’s just perfect for me. Loving the dance to “one Life” In particular. When it’s faster it seems easier to do the “up and over” (maybe just me). But at 61 feel great on it! Here’s my sweaty selfie 🤣🤣
Sandra DoyleSandra Doyle

Evening Hun
I knew every word you were saying tonight without hearing your voice which sums up just how motivational and inspirational you are – great work out!!
Check out these double whammy multiple workout stats – and one sweaty faced frizzy haired selfie !!
See you Friday, Melanie x

Melanie YearwoodMelanie Yearwood

A wee sweaty selfie from me. I want you to know that doing Maxicise since December has been revolutionary for me. No diet just jumping around with you 4 times a week means I am the same weight now I was when I was 20 and I’m 57!! But more importantly my mental health is so good and I feel happier than I have for a long time. Thank you👍

Karen Allum
Crikey, almost stopped today but then the next tune came on and I couldn’t resist! Loving the music and encouragement. Even patted myself on the head 😂🤦‍♀️ Thank you 😘😍xx
Hazel Smith

Tue 22 Dec at 07:48
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during this difficult year.
You have certainly been a great help to me. With your help I have lost almost a stone in weight, fitter and become much trimmer. I look forward to your livestream every week.
Loving myself!!!
I think I don’t look half bad for someone who is going to be 64 on Friday!! (Pic underneath)
You have made me laugh and cheered me up when I have felt miserable. You’re so right, dancing is the way to happiness and inner strength.
Anyhow I hope you and CJ have a lovely Christmas, you definitely deserve it, and here’s hoping next year will be a much better one for all of us. Cheers 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

Maxine Jones Its the music.. It puts me in such a good mood that i don’t feel like i am working out. I just have a great time. #musicismymedicine and the moves are such fun!!! I look forward to a workout every day as it really lifts my spirits. And for me i need that for my mental health. I have always been a advocate of walking after having our dog, who we don’t have. So walking can be hit and miss and i have dipped in and out of workouts for the last 3 yrs. Maxicise is the only one that i have commited to fully. And of course my waistline is thanking me for it lol xx Thank you for brining joy into my home every week/day xx hope your enjoying the fabulous weather. Xxxxxx
Bobby Lawler